Solar Pool Heating
Take that swim with confidence that you are             
 improving your health and the health of the             
          environment and by using solar                       
Increase the value and enjoyment of any outdoor swimming pool, by
increasing the number of days per year that it can be used. Even
when used without a cover, a solar pool heater can economically
double the number of swimming pool days per year.
Fossil fuel system replaced
by solar heating system
Solar heating
system @
$3500  VS.
Payback time
on $3500
solar heating
Natural gas
1.3 years
Propane & LPG
@$2.92 /gal
1.1 years
Electricity @
$0.21 per kwh
1.2 years
Fuel Oil @
$2.50 p/gal
1.2 years
For pool heating, a flat panel is used that
is made up of many small tubes. The size
and number of tubes as well as the
material of the absorber effect how well
the sun's warmth is captured and
transferred to the pool water. (This is
referred to as the thermal performance
rating of the product.)
The smaller the tubes, the slower the
water flows through them which in turn
enables more heat to be transferred to
the water. Likewise, if the number of tubes
used is increased, more water can be
exposed to the heat and therefore
warmed. Most tubing is made of durable,
lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant
polypropylene material blended with
proprietary additives determined by each
FAQ'S About Pool Heating