Solar Electric
What is Net Metering and How Does It Work?
Through New York State’s Net Metering Law and LIPA’s Tariff for Electric Service, residential
customers with PV systems 10 kW or less are entitled to net metering. At times, a net
metered customer’s PV system may generate more electric energy than their consumption.
When this occurs, the electric meter will spin in reverse. The excess electricity is returned to
the LIPA system. At the end of each month, the net metered customer is billed only for the
net consumption, that is, the amount of electricity consumed, less the amount of electricity
produced. This is called “net metering.” Your meter is currently spinning in the
"Consumption" mode. To spin your meter backwards due to PV, we need to reverse the
dials direction to simulate a reversing meter.

NY has almost as much sun hours as Florida. Take advantage of  sunshine  year-round.and
make the most of what nature provides by using the sun to provide your home and business
with the energy you need to live and work.

Photovoltaic (PV), systems utilize rooftop panels designed to provide the typical  home
between 5-10 k/watts, which generate from about 6000KWH's-12000 KWH's a year. The
recent drop in prices of PV systems has catapulted their popularity over the past few years,
particularly in the face of the unremitting rise in electric rates and the wonderful financial
incentives provided by LIPA , state and federal government.

PV modules are wired directly to your traditional circuit breaker box, easing or even
disposing of your need to tap into city-provided electricity. In addition to qualifying for energy
rebates, your utility bills are immediately cut down to a fraction and oftentimes eliminated
altogether, as the warm, renewable energy of the sun takes over all the functions your home
previously relied upon LIPA to handle.
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