Home Performance Assessments   

Financing is available at 3.99%

The typical residential building uses one and a half to
two times as much energy as is necessary. Cost
effective improvements and repairs may offer
tremendous return for the investment.

• Air leakage/drafts
• Duct system air leakage
• Duct system return air balance
• Absence of radiant protection
• Inadequate attic ventilation
• Inadequate attic insulation
• Hot water waste
• Window/door issues
• Excessive appliance energy consumption and more
Before clicking on the application.
There are few things you must have.
The last twelve months of your gas or
oil consumption. You must have your
electric bills from the last twelve months.
If you don't have or can't get them, let
us know and maybe we can help you.

When you are done and all the
information is filled out fax it to us for
review then we will forward it to
NYSERDA for review. When it is
approved we will setup an appointment
for your free home performance audit.
A blower door test is the most
advanced test there is to find air leaks
in a home. We depressurize your
home and identify the air leaks.
Here we have the infrared photo on
the left that represents air infiltration
from outdoors. The purple represents
cold air sweeping across the floor. The
picture on the right is of the same shot,
but in digital.
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