Solar Energy Haus is a privately owned company
that provides quality
home performance energy saving
measures combined with renewable energy such as
photovoltaic and thermal solar installation
throughout Long Island.

The company was created to accommodate the
demands for
residents looking to save energy and at the
same time create energy to get to a net zero energy use.

The combination of our energy saving measures through insulation
and air sealing your home and with renewable
non-polluting electrical and
thermal energy
we can get you substantial savings each year.

We have a combined in business experience of over 60 years
and have specialized in photo voltaic and thermal energy. We are BPI certified and accredited with building
analyst professional, heating professional and envelope professional certifications.
We pride
ourselves in our superior craftsmanship, excellence, and attention to detail.

Here at Solar Energy Haus we only use the best products and services available. The products we use are
Sanyo or Sharp modules. As for the inverter we use Fronius and SMA. We have some of the best craftsmen in
NY working with us. They will go over the installation with you step by step so you know your system inside and
out. When we commission your system you will feel confident that everything is working correctly.

What the contractor you hire should be experienced in; He must have a experienced roofer for one, Second he
must have a competent licensed electrician, third he must have engineer or architect that will inspect your roof
for load capabilities and last but not least, a company that will be around for the next 25 years in a remote
chance something goes wrong with the system. We are all those things and more.

Fossil Fuels - A Dangerous Addiction.
Our whole way of life revolves around fossil fuels a non-renewable resource that may be exhausted within the
next 30 years. Our daily use of fossil fuels to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles comes with an
exorbitant price. In addition to subjecting ourselves to skyrocketing energy costs, we are continuing to inflict
serious harm on our environment and intensify our dependence on foreign countries, many with hostile political
climates. Solar Energy Haus is here to help you do your part in fighting the addiction.

Global Warming is no Longer a Debate. Its a Crisis. The biggest price we pay for our fossil-fuel dependence is
Global Warming.We are already seeing a dramatic buildup of carbon dioxide causing higher temperatures,
retreating glacial ice, and changing weather patterns all over the world. Global Warming will not go away by
itself. Mother Nature needs a big change from all of us. Lets all go green !