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Faq's About Solar
We at Solar Energy Haus firmly believe in the need and ease of
renewable resources that are available for everyday use by the
average home or building owner at reasonable prices. Once
installed and activated many of these solar energy systems will
save you money by decreasing the dependancy on LIPA
electricity or fossil fuels for hot water and pool heating.

Not only does "going solar" reduce your conventional energy bills,
it helps the environment by reducing toxic gas emissions, and you
become less dependent on fossil fuels, which prices and
availability are controlled by foreign countries.

We at Solar Energy Haus also believe in educating people on the
importance of using our renewable resources, such as the sun.
That is why we have developed this site to be an informative
resource about solar energy as well about the solar products and
services we provide.
Flat Plate Collectors vs. Evacuated Tubes
Solar thermal collector energy production
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SunEarth Collectors Installed on White
Wall Street Journal Article Discusses
Skyrocketing Electric Rates
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help of Solar
Energy saving measures and renewable energy
Local Green Companies
Greener Country environmental products
Healthy Clean Buildings
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